DAY 1: Tuesday, July 12

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DAY 2: Wednesday, July 13

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DAY 3: Thursday, July 14

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DAY 4: Friday, July 15

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Information for speakers:
  • Standard audio-visual equipment provided by the venue will be used in the lecture room.

  • You should be prepared to bring your final presentation on a USB memory stick (or other storage device) to the conference venue.

  • You may also connect your own laptop to present by using the provided VGI/ HDMI cable (please bring an adapter for your device if needed).

The Van Swinderen Huys

With its medieval appearance, it is one of the most famous buildings in the center of Groningen. In 2011 the building was taken over by the University of Groningen. The building of the Hanseatic Society got a new name: the Van Swinderen Huys. It names Theodorus van Swinderen (1784-1851), one of the better known Groningen professors from the 19th century.

Oude Boteringestraat 19
9712 GC Groningen

Van Swinderen Huys.jpg
De Rietschans

At De Rietschans, located at Lake Paterswoldsemeer, everything revolves around the good life. For almost 100 years, guests can eat & drink with us and enjoy the peace & quiet and the beautiful view.

Additional to the restaurant, De Rietschans has 4 rooms on the first floor, some of them with private balconies providing a beautiful panoramic view over the lake.

Meerweg 221
9752 XC Haren